1. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Popped the fone into the car, plugged in my charger when running battery-hungry Satnav and all was fine with the little lightning bar telling me it was working...
    Then after about half an hour I got a message saying that there was not enough power from this USB hub to charge device. Same system , with different plug, works well enough on my Bold.
    Any ideas? Thanks
    10-19-10 08:30 AM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    It should still charge, just slower. The Torch does have a bigger battery I think, but all chargers should be interchangeable

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    10-19-10 08:34 AM
  3. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Yes, but I just get the 'can't charge' message. And the same from the Micro usb charger that plugs in and charges my Bluetooth. All v odd!
    10-19-10 09:06 AM
  4. kcnwa's Avatar
    I got this when it was shipped via Amazon, so I was pretty sure it wasn't an OEM knockoff. But for $5, it's a great deal and will surely charge your phone:

    Amazon.com: Motorola P513 Vehicle Power Adapter MicroUSB Rapid Rate Charger: Cell Phones & Accessories
    10-19-10 09:58 AM
  5. jcp007's Avatar
    Why not just order the OEM RIM car charger for the Torch from Amazon?
    10-19-10 11:23 AM
  6. laollis's Avatar
    I bought a usb car plug for the lighter and use the data cable that came with the phone. Works great.
    10-19-10 02:07 PM
  7. Janye's Avatar
    I bought a usb car plug for the lighter and use the data cable that came with the phone. Works great.
    This. I had one that came with a bluetooth speaker thing for my car because I had a motorola charger that would do the same thing. Handy little device, has so many uses because anything with a usb and the right voltage will work
    10-19-10 06:43 PM
  8. qb14's Avatar
    This happens to me from time to time. I have an old Cingular car charger with a mini-USB plug. I just added a mini to micro USB adapter so I can use this charger with both my Torch and Bluetooth headset. Whenever I get this message, I just unplug it, make sure that the adapter is connected tightly and plug it back in. It always starts charging properly again.
    10-20-10 03:51 PM
  9. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Hey thanks for that answer. I have tried unplugging etc. Didn't think that a regular car charge could be so problematic. As I say it still works on Bold obv with different connector!
    10-20-10 04:05 PM
  10. jcp007's Avatar
    The 9000 Bold and the 9700 Bold have different ports, one is mini and the other is micro. The 9700 car charger works with the Torch.
    10-20-10 04:15 PM
  11. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Sure. It's not the connector: i have both cables. Just the drop off and then saying that it is not able to charge from this usb hub
    10-20-10 07:09 PM
  12. martuska's Avatar
    my car charger doesn't work in the car just the usb data cable in the truck, weird
    10-22-10 01:33 AM
  13. d-tech007's Avatar
    I've had the same type of thing but when using an OEM wall charger & the docking cradle, it put the handset into bedside mode as normal, but awhile after it beeped, woke me up & and the message was something about not enough voltage, if your using a usb try changing to a wall charger. Was half asleep so can't remember exactly but sure I didn't dream it

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    10-22-10 10:26 AM