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    The video quality could have been better for the torch imo.......but it is a good phone overall. The captivate was good as well but being the gps has been broken the entire time I had the phone it gets a thumbs down! Why push a phone to the public when it doesn't operate correctly? Very poor on Samsungs part to do this. Was promissed a fix on September 22 but come to find out the fix did not include gps. LOL......I was really hoping they would fix it and now I really don't think they will anytime soon! All you captivate owners get excited when they say a update is coming but you surely are disappointed when your precious phone still doesn't work 100% Please don't try to defend it! I did my research on the captivate and know that many problems exist.
    What exactly do you mean by many problems cause I've had the Vibrant (same as Captivate) since launch date on Bell and have yet to see the "many problems" you mention, including Gps. Btw i have spent a whole day with the Torch comparing the two hoping i would switch back to Blackberry and without a single doubt am keeping the Vibrant. I am a BB fan and want another blackberry phone but i will wait for the next gen phones.

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    Here we go again...another pissing contest eight weeks out from the launch date.
    10-04-10 10:18 AM
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    Just to clarify, i have nothing negative to say about the Torch. As much as i tried, i just cant get used to a slider form factor, whether its BB, Android or others, it is just not for me.
    10-04-10 11:24 AM
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    I wish I could get my hands on the Captivate just to check it out but it isn't here in Canada yet. From what I can gather it comes back to the iphone vs BB analysis from last year i.e. media vs communicating...although my understanding is that the droid/iphone is closing the gap on the better communications.

    The other thing I notice is the Captivate doesn't have UMA which is a big cash saver if you're able to utilize wifi. I'm saving $100s with this feature...3000+ minutes last month cost me $15 on Rogers Talkspot....no airtime or LD charges.
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