1. CrazyCamel369#AC's Avatar
    Anyone else having trouble viewing pics on the torch? Mine will show the thumbnail pictures but if you try viewing them full screen it only shows this like wheel looking icon and nothing else. It's really weird just wondering if anyone else is receiving this error. Thanks!
    09-15-10 01:12 PM
  2. cinder0008's Avatar
    I had the same issue. I am not sure what I did to fix it but it is working now (although the thumbnail of one picture is blank but fine when viewing fullscreen).

    The only change I made was updating the OS to the leaked .214.

    Also, try setting the picture as your wallpaper (even though it is just a tire floating around) and then close out of the media folder and go back.

    Just some thoughts. You're not crazy! It happened to me too. Hope this helps.
    09-15-10 01:24 PM
  3. Jessie1921's Avatar
    Try going to Media>explore (from the menu)>media card> show hidden (from menu again)> blackberry> pictures.... I saw this on another post and they said it worked for their phone. It didn't work for mine. I have the pictures in my phone but I cannot view them. If I view one it does not appear until I zoomin on it... if you know of why that happens or what I can do to fix it please help!!!
    02-06-11 12:17 AM