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    Ever since I got the Torch its been great but one part thats been bugging me is the PDF viewing ability. I have the Torch connected to my work BES and also to a BIS.

    I also bought Docs to Go and PDF to go and even recently Repligo Reader. Now I got tons of emails with attachments like Excel files, DOCs, and PDFs. The Excel files, Docs open just fine straight from email, if I click attachment, it then asks me "Open with Documents to Go" and Im in. Now PDF it NEVER gives me an option. It ALWAYS opens it using that crappy image rendered view from I guess my BES attachment service. I can barely read the PDFs cause each part is rendered as an Image.

    Ive installed both PDF to Go and Repligo and neither provide me the option to "Open using Repligo" or "Open using PDF to Go" straight from clicking the attachment. When I had my Bold 9700 it worked fine. So Im starting to think its either some setting (which I looked for and changed so many things) or OS6 is not fully allowing it. But then again why does the .XLS, .DOC open fine using using DocstoGo.

    Ive had this problem with the original version that came with the torch from AT&T all the way upto the latest .246, so it doesnt seem to be the OS. Something on here wont let the PDF attachment be opened directly by anythinig except the BES attachment viewer.

    Any help be appreciated.

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    10-22-10 01:49 PM
  2. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Good point. I had it working on my Bold until it nuked and then could never get it back again...
    And when I get sent an e-mail with PDF attachment, it never shows up...
    10-22-10 05:07 PM
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    There is no Blackberry Attachment on the torch I can remove like I could on my old Storm2. So couldnt remove that to try to see if I could get PDF viewing straight from email (instead of native rendering via images).

    10-23-10 08:44 AM
  4. djrenlive's Avatar
    I am having that issue. I was able to view PDFS fine, and now the attachments don't show up on my blackberry. Anyone resolved this?
    10-25-10 11:17 AM