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    Hey everyone,

    I've used this site before and found it really helpful for my storm, now that Torch is my new toy, i need your help once again. ^^

    1. I can't view/download any attachments that come in an e-mail. I have the option to download it or to view it, but when I click on either both give me the same message:
    "More request cannot be completed, service book information not found "
    Any help on what I should do?

    2. My second issue is this:
    When i click on Application center (it's empty) then I click on update application list and error 404 comes up...
    12-30-10 10:34 AM
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    Hey all,

    I'll just answer my own question...
    1. get the latest BM for your device (which is blackberry manager 9800) from the provider you are with.
    2. Plug your phone and check under applications if there is a BB attachment software available (install that if available) check if works after this
    3. If the application wasn't available or still doesn't work:
    I. Go into Options -> advanced system settings -> service book -> find all the e-mails that you are connected with and delete the ones with [CMIME] at the end..
    II. Options -> advanced system settings -> Host Routing Table -> while in there press menu button (BB button) and choose register now
    III. Once your e-mails are activated again send yourself a file with an attachment to see if it works (reason is it might not work with the older e-mails)

    After you do this you should be able to click on the attachment and both options will appear in a separate screen...


    ~ Mafguard ~
    12-31-10 12:16 AM