1. mjnash84's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I am due a upgrade from my Bold 9000 and knowing that the Torch is released today, I happily phoned up Orange this morning to arrange my new handset.

    The reply I received was, 'sorry, we dont have that phone at the moment, it should be here within next few weeks'.

    After work I was in town and saw the Torch being offered by Vodafone in their window. With this I walked along to the Orange store who also stated that it was not out yet. I exit the store, go to Phones 4 U, two doors away, who can offer me the phone, even on a Orange contract if I wanted it.

    Riled by this I returned home to call Orange again and explain my frustration, for it only to be extended by them stating that I will have to wait until the 22nd October to get my hands on the phone.

    What a joke!

    Has anyone else been having the same troubles as me or have any other info on why Orange are so far behind?!

    10-01-10 02:43 PM
  2. Roflobster's Avatar
    Have the same problem.

    The marketing for this phone has been absolutely shocking. Theres no mention of it on the entire orange website, nor has the blackberry uk website got any useful information about its release. I know people have been able to pre-order it for weeks on vodafone, but orange are completely clueless. As you mentioned about it being available on phones4u, i really dont see how they can offer tariffs on orange when orange dont even know it exists? Did you end up ordering from phones4u?
    10-01-10 03:58 PM