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    When i plug the earbuds into the jack, no sound comes out of them, my music is still coming out of phone speaker. When I press and hold the mic button on the earbuds cord, the sound then comes out of the earbuds instead of the phone. Tried the earbuds on my dad's torch also and the first time the earbuds were plugged in they worked correctly. Retried them in my torch and they still didn't work. Plugged them back into my dad's and they didn't work that time, got the same thing as with my phone. Took my phone and the earbuds to the store where I got my phone and they said my phone didn't recognize the earbuds. I don't buy this since my dad's torch recognized them the first time they were plugged into his and my phone recognizes them when I hold down the mic button on the cord. Any ideas of what to do. Who wants to have to hold down the mic button while listening to your music? Please help.
    12-29-10 03:40 PM
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    Test with the regular BlackBerry manufactured earbuds to prove whether the phone works correctly or not. If that puts the fault in the third party earbuds it is either a design issue or faulty earbuds. The fact that a problem appears with two phones (even if intermittent) suggests the problem is in your earbuds.

    Simple workaround... use compatible earbuds.
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    12-29-10 04:11 PM
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    My Skullz work fine with my Torch.
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    12-29-10 07:48 PM
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    Hey I had a similar problem with my Shure earbuds there are 2 solutions buy a extention one end goes into your torch and the other end into your headphones it is cheap and you can get it at bestbuy or take your headphones back and find some that are compatable. I don't know why some work and some don't its stupid

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    12-29-10 11:32 PM
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    This could be as simple as manufacturing tolerances around the plug and socket, with some combinations being at opposing ends of tolerance or even just outside. Shouldn't happen but...
    01-02-11 07:29 AM