1. iLLMATICxKiNG's Avatar
    OR are there any good games? I do not like the app store.
    11-20-10 04:48 PM
  2. Thanontos's Avatar
    The only emulator I had known for a blackberry was called meboy I think. It was a gameboy color emulator. Google it and you should find it. It works on the torch, but not all the roms work well. There is a program you download on your computer and you browse to a rom file and select it. Then the program makes a .jad file so the game is playable on the blackberry. It is buggy and I don't think he is developing it anymore. You could try the crackberry appstore by mobihand too, but the blackberry platform is not as drawing to mobile game designers.

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    11-20-10 05:35 PM