1. EarthRyno's Avatar
    My Torch is having camera issues. Somewhat frequently, the camera will load up the options (view pictures, geotag, take pic, flash, lens type), but it won't show anything on the screen, just a blank screen. It's a pain because I can't close the application by going through the blackberry options and choosing close or using the Back Button. I can use the end call button, but that only puts the camera on the back burner and leave is open. Eventually, if i mess with it enough, the camera will close and work okay after the problem for a bit, then go right back to the problem. I've pulled the battery twice, reloaded OS, and have closed all other applications. I am out of the 30 day exchange limit and am only on the warranty, and I don't want to exchange this phone for a refurbished phone. What should I do?
    11-06-10 10:59 AM
  2. daytrips's Avatar
    I seem to be having a similar issue. Can anyone shed some light on this?
    11-10-10 10:09 AM
  3. Thanontos's Avatar
    You can try loading a different OS. I'm on .337 and it is working great thus far. Can you use the camera in video camera mode?. If you take it into your provider they will most likely do an exchange if the above does not work. Granted you may get a refurbished phone, but I think some of the refurbs go on an individual test and may be a better working device because of. Rarely have I ever gotten a refurb that was damaged or scratched, in fact it only happened once on my original storm replacement with verizon. There was a scratch by the earpiece, but it wasn't too bad.

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    11-10-10 10:39 AM