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    Well, I finally bought my first BB (Torch), also first smartphon, and I have spending some quite moments with it and getting to know it better.

    A problem I just can resolve is when I make a call from my contact list from a number that has text in it, it converts the text and the call fails on me.

    I keep detailed information on the numbers within Outlook to better describe the number, ie. (800)555-1212-Direct.

    Any idea how I can correct this.

    Thanks in advance.
    09-17-10 10:24 PM
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    lol, um, ya... take the wording out of the number. Blackberries dial the words as if they were numbers so it thinks it's part of the number and dial them. There's a reason why there are number designations in contact managers such as Outlook. There's no reason to put in "Direct" or "Home", etc. as designations after the numbers in the number field. You'll need to edit them all and instead put the actual number in the right field which represents what it is (home, mobile, etc.)
    09-17-10 10:44 PM
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    I know it’s considered a Smartphone, but does it have to be so literal.

    I have to admit, at first blush I thought, well, a “geeky” feature, but as I thought about it more, I am somewhat taken back of how insulting this feature is and frankly don’t see the benefit of it, from a productive standpoint.

    I never really thought about it, but as I think back of the few times over the years that I actually had to convert a vanity name into numbers, and if it was a number needed to be saved, I would add it to my contacts within Outlook as such. I did not expect it would be different with a BB; Kind of a Pareto principle.

    As for labeling within Outlook, it means everything to me. Outlook’s labeling is one pitiable feature I had to overcome in being more effective in keeping in constant communication with my contacts. Unfortunately, there is no other product out there that works so effectively straight out of the box.

    Yes, I use OL’s labels Home and Home2, but it is more descriptive to put after the number, “Miami” for Home and “New York” for Home2. Or putting “eff. 9/18/10” when I know my client can be reached at a specific number after a particular date. For businesses, there is often an extension, so I add “x1234”. In a situation where a contact is a couple and multiple mobile numbers, I will include, “-John” or “-Sally”. If it was a number that is out of service, but having no other number to call, but to leave a note to myself, I would add to the number “oos as of-9/18/10”. For the label OTHER, I have “CPA”, “Atty”, “Security” and so forth. The amount of information added to a number field is endless. Not just for myself but for my colleagues on my team.

    I’m at a cross-road here. My BB and I have had our very first “major” fight. There is no way I’m going through and edit my 1000+ contact list just because she wants me to make calls a certain way. All my other friends (Skype, Google VOIP, Palm) play nice with Outlook’s contact telephone numbers, why can’t she? I’m willing to accept her downside if only I can find a way to edit the number before it is actually called. Possibly a sibling (read app), that will help?

    Thanks in advance for anyone’s suggestions and comments.
    09-18-10 10:58 AM
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    i can understand your frustration in this matter but i dont see what you expect the phone to do

    its a telephone when we go back to basics and its only recognises numbers
    correct me if i am wrong but i dont know of another phone which will cater for your contact list considering it has what are random words to the phone within the field for the number to dial

    i seriously doubt there is an app that will help you in this and i think the only thing for you to do is edit your contacts

    i certainly expect a phone to decipher some sort of number from the example that youve given
    09-18-10 11:20 AM
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    I guess I never expected this. Every device to this day that I have used, has communicated with the Outlook contact telephone number with no problem. From Microsoft dialer, Palm T/X dialing via Bluetooth to a phone, from Skype and last but not least, my limited trials with Google VOIP. Everyone of those devices accessing the same information within Outlook without ever having to have entered them in more than once.

    It just seems that there should be some boolean symbol that can be entered after the number that tells the BB not to dial anything after this symbol. Because if the BB was truly a SmartPhone, it would know that from the suffix of the number being called that it was not an international call but domestic and as such, would stop after the first 10 digits.

    I have eleven more days in my trial period to make a decision.
    09-18-10 12:36 PM
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    09-18-10 12:50 PM
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    That thread was hilarious. I suggest just using seperate contacts leaving off the extra text in the digits field but that's just me. If by some chance they have something like BBM, BB's only support one PIN per contact (address book entry). I bet this method makes the call log look funky as well.

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    09-18-10 02:52 PM
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    all these smartphones are really dumb! no?
    the real smartphone in my book is this..
    you think of calling someone, the phone quickly dials the number and then you're connected.... that's SMART!
    same goes for SMS.. but separate charges do apply
    09-18-10 05:21 PM