1. moondavinci's Avatar
    This is driving me crazy.

    For about the last week, every time I launch the calendar app, the agenda view displays like it's supposed to, but then a second later snaps down to the last date which is months into the future.

    Even when I select the go to today button, I'm quickly shown today's date slot and then it snaps (not scrolls) back down to the last event which is currently January 2012.

    Anyone heard of this before and know of a solution?

    I don't know if this is related, but last week I did two things. I removed all the recurring birthday events from my calendar because I was tired of Google Calendar duplicating those events.

    I also installed something called ThinkOfMe, which is a great app designed to group all the birthdays and other special events that are found in your contact file into one big list.

    I can't blame ThinkOfMe because I've already uninstalled it to see if it was causing the problem. So now I'm at a loss.

    Any help is most appreciated.
    01-20-11 09:37 PM
  2. moondavinci's Avatar
    As a follow-up, once I entered some recurring events, the "snapping" stopped. Not sure why it's related, but that's what happened.
    01-30-11 12:48 PM
  3. brianstash's Avatar
    Same thing here! I use Google Sync and it sync's holidays to like 2036 and snaps down to it. I'd love a fix for this too.

    It's my work phone so I can't update the fireware but I'm running 6.0 bundle 695 (v6.0.0.246).
    02-04-11 10:00 AM
  4. moondavinci's Avatar
    I presume then that you have no recurring events, yes? At least that's the way it was with me. So have you tried entering one or two to see if that stops the snapping?
    02-04-11 04:17 PM