1. cratskomodo's Avatar
    Either it's the cable or the phone, but are there any fixes?
    Like the charging end moves around and is loose when it's plugged into the phone.
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    01-07-11 06:33 PM
  2. Shadow_S2K's Avatar
    My connection is solid. So I wouldn't say that is not normal. I have heard of the usb connector breaking off in other devifes like the 9000. So I would say if you can get a replacement...go for it before you risk it snapped off in the future

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    01-07-11 07:00 PM
  3. sedalia066's Avatar
    Should be firm. Time for a replacement.

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    01-07-11 07:45 PM
  4. cratskomodo's Avatar
    It still charges perfectly.
    It only moves on the left side. The right side of the usb cable is firm. Do I really need to replace it?
    01-07-11 10:13 PM
  5. pilsbury's Avatar
    If it's still under warranty, which I'm sure it is, I would seriously consider it. May save you some cash and headaches on down the road. Should not be loose, mine is very tight.
    01-07-11 10:37 PM
  6. bookemdano's Avatar
    The usb cable I got with the phone was loose from day one. I don't think all micro-usb cables are created equally, ie some are made better than others. I have a few, some are tighter than others. For me its not as much the phone, as it is the cable(s) (though the phone usb port is *sorta* loose, not much though).

    It still ticks me off that they went away from mini.... Tighter fit, more substantial plug, and I had a bunch of minis, plus i have 2 other devices (psp, camera) that use mini. I hate micro, too small and flimsy...I just ordered a 5-pack of mini to micro adapters from ebay so I can use all my old cables though.

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    01-07-11 10:55 PM
  7. aznlgcy's Avatar
    Make sure you get a replacement before it breaks cause if it breaks off completely your carrier may consider it physical damage and may not replace it
    01-07-11 10:56 PM
  8. Danimaloxo7's Avatar
    I`m gonna go see some blackberry`s tomorrow because I don`t like the way my USB wire wiggles (a little Bit) in the phone it self & I believe that`s why when I plugged it in to my computer it didn`t show my media card & it put a bunch of pics & Video`s all on my device memory even after I did all my reading & followed the instructions & set it to allow Mass storage but when I pluged it in, The card didn`t show up in my memory usage till I wiggled the wire. My Torch is 2 months old.
    I`ll keep you in mind when I`m asking questions tomorrow & share what I find out.
    Seeya Later
    01-07-11 11:10 PM
  9. SmakBerry's Avatar
    mines done it for over a year on my 9700, doesn't bother me anymore, but hasn't broke either, so I'm ok with it
    01-07-11 11:26 PM
  10. cratskomodo's Avatar
    From the responses, I think some people don't understand what is actually happening to my phone.
    So, when I charge my phone, the cable that I insert into the charging port on my phone, the USB Cable, goes in, and stays in. It doesn't fall out. However, if you look at the charger, it has 2 somewhat claws on it that when you stick it into the phone, it will not fall out of the phone. When I charge my phone, it goes in and doesn't fall out, however the right 'claw' is the one that keeps it in tightly, the left 'claw' feels slightly loose. Should I be worried?
    01-08-11 01:27 AM
  11. cratskomodo's Avatar
    BUMP: I have a new question: as far as the cable being loose, is it a problem with the charger? Or a problem with a phone?
    01-08-11 04:28 PM