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    Hi all, Ive read alot of the topics on the forums here but none seem to tie with my problem. Alot refer to the common buzzing sound during calls on the phone but then they say the updat seems to fix the problem, but not with me. Im on v6.0.0.246 and it buzzes every call. Anyone got a fix for this issue? I only have the phone a week and its annoying me quite abit, I like the phone but even the browser is so buggy its unreal.
    10-25-10 09:18 PM
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    If .246 didn't fix it you should probably exchange it for a new one. Make sure you test the calls before you leave the store again. Everyone who had the "tin can" noise during phone calls on .141 had it fixed with .161 and above.
    10-25-10 09:26 PM
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    Yea might take it back, its so annoying. It seems to be so so when you flip the phone up its not as noticable but if the phone it normaly (not flipped up) its a serious buzzing sound. or like you have your phone beside a radio if you know what i mean.
    10-25-10 09:29 PM
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    Do you have audio boost enabled or anything?

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    10-25-10 10:49 PM
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    yes but I thought it was only for media player, will disable it here and get back to you about that.

    EDIT: that didnt work, was only for headphone use the audio boost, I turned it off anyhw just to see but made no difference. :s
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    10-26-10 05:37 AM
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    Under phone options there are audio settings as well. Try playing with the volume too.

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    10-26-10 08:11 AM
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    I have the same buzzing issue, have always had it and I'm assuming i always will. I don't believe any OS upgrade will fix it as when the phone is slid closed the speaker is to close to the earpiece. I believe what hes hearing is feedback and not the original "tin can" sound the original OS had. I have gotten used to it and simply slide the phone up when in a conversation.
    10-26-10 08:41 AM
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    No buzzing sound here which is why I suggest replacing it while under the 30 day return period.
    10-26-10 09:13 AM
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    I have 8 friends all with torches and they all buzz when closed, not all the time and neither does mine all the time. Perhaps your just not hearing it when it happens? This is my second device(first one the slider actually broke), first device had the tin can noise as well as a buzz when closed.

    Kinda like the search icon when not using a stock UI, or the screen wobble. Some have it some don't.

    So because some have it and others don't, it has to be a hardware issue? More like a form issue.

    I have noticed that if i turn the call volume down, I don't have the buzzing which leads me to believe its a feedback problem and not OS or device specific.

    By all means if the OP feels it bothers him enough, return the device. Although i feel no matter how many devices he returns he will still have the buzzing.
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    10-26-10 09:29 AM
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    I don't know. I pretty much always talk on the phone with the slider closed. Also at max volume. Call quality is perfect ever since leaving the tin can sound of .141.
    10-26-10 10:26 AM
  11. homer1475's Avatar
    The buzzing I get is kinda like when your phone is too close to a speaker, every once in a while u get a buzzing out of the speaker. Every mobiLe I've ever owned has done this. I think with the torch its. A matter of where the speaker is located when the device is closed. As I stated I don't get it all the time.

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    10-26-10 12:52 PM