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    Just found out this.
    While I was charging my torch, I tried to bbm n update fb status using d virtual keyboard.

    Wierd enough, the virtual keyboard became so sensitive! I touch a letter and it'll detect as I touch it twice!

    Starting to wonder, I then tried to scroll my menu.. The usual scolling gesture were interprate as a click.. It open d icon that I touched instead of smooth scrolling.

    Changed d setting in touch screen option, but it seems that it would take any effect no matter what d value I changed. Huh

    So I pull out the charger, then suddently all became normal. I changed d settings and it was like what I wanted. Typing with the virtual keyboard is accurate n scrolling is smooth.

    Os is .337

    Does anybody experienced d same issue?

    *just for info, I charged my torch using my previos storm1's charger

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    12-23-10 09:39 AM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    There has been a couple threads like this and it's always because they were using a charger not compatible with the torch. I think if you look on the specs of both chargers, the specs for the storms charger are probably lower then the specs for the OEM charger for the torch. Output voltage and mah.

    Try the same thing with the OEM charger that came with the device. If it still does this then something is defective in your phone.
    12-23-10 09:42 AM
  3. aznlgcy's Avatar
    Really wierd.
    No mine is running fine. I don't see any extra sensitivty for the touch screen while charging at all. I'm running .337 with BDHP v4.0
    12-23-10 09:44 AM
  4. prebetsabu's Avatar
    Ohh.. Pardon me I tot this issue were never discussed before.
    Sorry for double posting.

    I never know that storm's charger n torch are diff rating. Will confirm it back n experiment with my torch's oem charger. Our dealer here in malaysia told me that torch can use any other bb charger except for bold1 (big connector)

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    12-23-10 09:51 AM