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    I have tried searching the Internet, as well as the forums for an answer, and found nothing, so I apologise if someone already asked this.

    I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800 running OS 6, and it is updated to the latest version (when I check the "Software Updates" it says I have bundle 695, and that my BlackBerry is up to date). It's also an AT&T branded one (if that makes a difference) and is not set up to an enterprise server (it's my personal BlackBerry [calling it a phone would be degrading]).

    I like that when you start typing in a URL in the browser, you can scroll down and it displays the URL for websites in your history that match what you've typed, but it seems to disappear on Monday.

    Every Monday, when I use the browser, I type in a partial URL, but when I go to scroll down for this (for lack of a better word) auto-complete, and the URL isn't there. I check the history, and it's clear.

    I'm thinking that the history is set to clear after a week, since it happens on Monday (it could be on the weekend since I don't use the browser much on the weekends), but when I open the browser and check the opions, there isn't a setting for length of time to keep history, just a 'Clear Now' kinda feature. I've checked in the device options as well, but I can't seem to find anything.

    Surely there's a setting somewhere to change the lenght of time history is retained, but I assume it may be in an obscure place like the setting for turning on calendar reminders and keeping text messages.

    Long story short: How do you extend the length of time the browser history is kept?

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    02-25-11 09:24 AM