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    Hey guys. I've recently encountered a little problem with my browser on my torch. In the comfort of my own home, I would be connected to my wifi (WPA-personal, if you need to know) but I can't load any pages on the browser. I wait a minute and it says "Requested Server Not Found." Facebook works on and off and I can still use BBM (not sure if that's relevant). What's weird is that I used to be able to use my wireless just fine until today. I made no significant changes. No updates, no downloaded apps, no nothing. I tried a battery pull but that did nothing. Any ideas? Should I just go to AT&T?
    12-16-10 11:09 PM
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    What OS are you running?

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    12-17-10 05:25 AM
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    Also, sometimes clearing caches, cookies, passwords, pushed content, history,etc helps.

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    12-17-10 05:26 AM
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    Found an answer from madasafish... so the credits is not for me...

    "I assigned a static DNS and that did not help... at first...

    But when i checked the box marked "Allow inter-access point handover" at the bottom of the WiFi network screen it started to work perfectly.
    At last everything on my Torch is working wonderfully.

    Hope it works.. coz it works for me... I posted this problem not long ago too... if you checked the related forum you'd find the same problem....
    12-17-10 06:28 AM
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    I'm running OS 6 v.246 (I have AT&T, I don't think the update to .337 is out yet)

    I tried the "allow inter-access point handover" box but to no avail. I still get the "Unable to find Requested Server" error.

    Also, I've been reading around and thought this information might be useful too:
    In terms of service status, next to the AT&T it has my network name and under wi-fi connections, it notifies saying that I am already connected to my network. But BIS reads mobile network, which I'm assuming means I'm using my data instead of my wi-fi. Under Wi-fi Network, it lists my active SSID as my home network.
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    12-17-10 10:03 PM
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    When was the last router reboot? What router and firmware?

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    12-17-10 10:50 PM
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    It's a Linksys WRT160N and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been touched. I was fine before then one morning my phone stopped responding to it. My laptop, my roomates laptops, their iphones browsers work correctly too.
    12-17-10 11:42 PM
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    You are not alone, I have the same issue. No clue as to why this suddenly happened. It started yesterday. Refuses to go Google. Will go to a few sites, but most give me errors, and bb app world tells me that I have a network error, while all my network info seems correct. This is ticking me off.
    12-18-10 12:12 AM
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    The Torch is new and can cause problems with some routers. Did you try flipping the APN?

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    12-18-10 10:14 AM
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    I had the phone for under 30 days so I went to AT&T to replace it. My first Torch had a buggy touch screen on top of the wi-fi connectivity problems. No problems anymore! Thanks for the help guys
    12-20-10 11:18 AM