1. mattmeyeruk's Avatar
    Getting my torch soon. Couple of questions.

    1)on my curve you press t to jump to the top and on my itouch I can press the bar at the top. Is there a way on torch to jump to top using just touch screen?

    2)how quick do the web pages load in comparison with say an iPhone or curve 8520?

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    02-01-11 01:07 PM
  2. Masahiro's Avatar
    Browser shortcuts won't work with the virtual keyboard. You'll have to use the physical keypad (assuming shortcuts are turned on in the browser options). This wan't always the case. The Storms allow you to use the virtual keyboard to utilize browser shortcuts, but this was obviously out of necessity. Nonetheless, hopefully we'll see browser shortcuts enabled for the virtual keyboard someday.

    Web pages load very fast, especially with the latest OS leaks (.448 and .450). Compared to an iPhone, I'm not sure how much faster it is. I hear they are neck and neck. Compared to the 8520, it should be far superior if you don't have OS6 installed. Not to mention, the 8520 is 2G only.
    02-01-11 04:27 PM
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    Thanks for the response

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    02-02-11 01:29 AM