1. noonzie's Avatar
    Free ($0.00) Blackberry Torch 9800 New AT&T contract or Upgrade
    This just happened tonight at midnight! Dropped from $79.99 to $0.00

    i checked and it is that price for an upgrade as well, which is sweet.

    Blackberry Torch 9800 now $0.00
    free shipping
    This price is now available with new 2 yr contract or Upgrade if eligible
    11-07-10 01:48 AM
  2. techjunkieforlife's Avatar
    Yeah it's even down to $99 on the AT&T site, bit of a joke when the 9700 is still up for $199. Third party sellers are the way to go, guess they are all stuck with some excess stock.
    11-07-10 09:36 AM
  3. mataleao's Avatar
    Upgrades/renewals: Where they get you though is with the PLAN. They're usually $10 more/month, than ATT or amazon for the same plans. So, over the 2 year contract, you're paying an additional $240 for the plan than you would with ATT or amazon. So with that, yeah, the phone is "free" but you're essentially paying $240 for the phone on the backend.

    The best deal I've seen is with letstalk.com. $99 for a renewal and the plans are $10 cheaper than the others, so they aren't getting yoou there. Where they DO get you though is if you opt to keep your unlimited data plan (who wouldn't?). There they charge you a $50 "fee". Their reasoning? "We have to make up for lost commission." Still, it's a better deal, being $50 cheaper than ATT/Amazon overall.

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    11-07-10 10:13 AM