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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a Blackberry Torch on the Telus Network in Canada. I arrived in Mexico (Playa Del Carmen) and have found that it does not work here. All I get is the Red SOS symbol on the top right of my phone. It does find the different networks in Mexico when you try to manual select a carrier (Telcel, Movistar and lusacell - with 2G or 3G options) but all of them don't work.

    I had others back home try to call Telus and see if everything on their part is working, and they told me that if the networks here don't support HSPA, then my phone won't work. According to them, there is no other option and I am SOL. Telus couldn't confirm that wether Mexico had HSPA or not and in typical Telus fashion wasn't very helpful. In fact, the first time a friend called, their whole account system was done, and when asked if they had a 1800 number, they said to dial 611 from my phone! A phone that doesn't work! They even tried to sell me a data package before I left when I called in.... Great use that would have been!

    Does that sound correct? I can't believe that a phone like this wouldn't work in a place as popular as Mexico.

    Any help would be appreciated!
    11-22-10 06:19 PM
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    The TELUS web site lists only CDMA roaming in Mexico.

    This web site indicates TELUS roaming agreements with Telcel and Telefonica. I don't know for sure what technology they use, although Telcel appears to be 3G at 850.

    MACH Inter-Standard Roaming Services
    11-22-10 07:13 PM