1. mclean.86's Avatar
    I have noticed that on my blackberry 9800 that the (call, menu, back,end call) lights will not go off once the screen has timed out and gone black. The screen and the keypad will go off, but the buttons listed above will not turn off unless I push the lock button on the top right hand of the phone.

    I dont know how long this has been going on for but I have noticed the past couple of weeks my battery is dead by about 7 PM after a full day. It normally lasted all day till I plugged it in before bed. So any tips on how to fix this or maybe some ideas on some battery saving ideas please guys!

    10-10-10 02:31 AM
  2. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Happened to me once. Not sure how it came about, but it was after I got off a call on my bt headset.

    Did a reboot and all was fine after.
    10-10-10 03:02 AM
  3. mclean.86's Avatar
    Yea, i cleaned up a the crap on my phone an did a battery pull and it has stopped. Its weird tho, but thanks for the reply

    10-19-10 11:54 PM