10-19-10 05:55 PM
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  1. Fnord's Avatar
    I don't follow you logic. If it never happens to someone, how can it be considered a problem?

    That's like saying humans have structural bone weakness that manifests itself when a piano falls on your head.
    Would we go around talking about the 'Piano Death Squish' issue?
    Would piano manufacturers institute a free helmet program?
    Very off-topic, I apologize to the OP...

    Your logic does not hold true. You need to go out and google the issue to get a better understanding of what the problem is.

    In short, it's a physical flaw that causes the phone to drop signal strength by ~20bd when held in a certain way. If someone is in an area with OK signal strength, then the drop will not be noticeable, and as such they would be unaware there is even a problem affecting their device. So, just because they are not aware the issue is present does not mean it's not there...

    Now back on-topic.
    Thanks for the great tip. Going to keep this bookmarked in case my future Torch (on the 24th ) has the "wiggle".
    09-13-10 05:33 PM
  2. LazyStarGazer's Avatar
    Lets just agree to disagree, and not derail this thread into another stupid pissing match, which is how they usually end up.
    09-13-10 11:01 PM
  3. D.Vader's Avatar
    can u post some pics please??
    Yeah some step by step images of what you are referring to would be great!!
    09-22-10 12:55 PM
  4. roylee0484's Avatar
    I've noticed when the slider is open the bottom right part, when pressed down, is the only part that wobbles. Anyone notice that?
    09-22-10 05:26 PM
  5. sleepngbear's Avatar
    The dimension of my wiggle issue was limited to the use of the touch screen when the Torch was closed. As best described, it felt like the touch screen was giving a tactile response (like the Storm)... I hit my garage for some insulation foam, the kind you buy in strips to seal doors and windows (home depot, Lowes, etc). I cut the tiniest piece, less than the size of a pencil eraser, and carefully inserted (pushing the foam with a business card) down the middle between the back of the extended screen and the base until the foam was just out of sight. The unit is now solid as a rock, really, and that tiny piece of foam won't move at all upon opening and closing the screen. ... Perfect!
    My man, you're a genius. I have (no, had!) the same hint of a wiggle when the phone is closed. I also have a scrap of that very same insulation foam down in the basement from h e l l. I actually needed a knife blade to ease the foam between the screen and the base 'cos a business card was too thick. It seems to be ever so slightly stiffer sliding open and closed, but still nice and smooth, and I can still nudge it open with one thumb. Best part, the wiggle is gone. Now my Torch is perfect.
    09-22-10 07:18 PM
  6. neosoulz's Avatar
    Got the same problem ... Although it wiggles only once in a way...
    I'm waiting to find out how long this solution lasts...
    09-23-10 02:49 AM
  7. Giant Panda's Avatar
    I posted the original post-it note fix a few days after the Torch launch. Seemed fix the problem for me. This foam insert seems to work well too. I returned my Torch, but may end up picking up another one after some iPhone4 woes.

    I read another post where someone found a more permanent fix for the wobble. Simply tightening the 6 torx screws on the back of the slider mechanism. Requires a little dissasembly but nothing too out the ordinary. Not sure how many have tried this fix.

    See the posts by Homer1475
    09-23-10 05:06 PM
  8. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    Nah, it's us! I am a gadget freak, and in basically every gadget there's a group of fanatics who go on message boards and obsess over details that most general users would not detect. I collect watches, for example, and there have been dozens of threads over the years about displays in Casio G Shocks (one of the best built electronic items of all time, IMHO) being slightly off center (much better now, BTW). Getting the "perfect" one by going back to the store and having the clerk pull out every one to get the "best" is just like the wiggle issue. Most people would not detect either issue as a problem, but we do. I handled my G Shock issues the same way as the wiggle, by fixing it myself....after all, there was nothing worse then getting a perfect G Shock display only to arrive home and question whether the alarm was as loud and the backlight as bright as the one returned!
    LOL...I used to be a G-Shock collector, too...on the forums all the time. Not so much any more, but still love 'em.
    09-23-10 10:17 PM
  9. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    +1 -- Exactly the way I feel. Could not have phrased it better. I keep checking out the iPhones and the other all touch screen devices in the stores and wondering what is wrong with me? Why can't I see that this is the ultimate way to interact with a device? Not sure what the word is, too imprecise for me. Sorry, just cannot bring myself to make the jump to all touch. And I feel like I am standing in the way of progress of humankind. lol
    Add me to the list of OSK haters. Just can't do it for sh*t. I've tried...even got a 3GS 32GB. Okay for a short/quick text, but for pumping out emails or anything more than a few words, it is terrible. Words can't express how horrible it is compared to a real (and good quality) keyboard, i.e. BlackBerry.

    Did I mention OSK typing sux a$$???
    09-23-10 10:22 PM
  10. wxman123's Avatar
    LOL...I used to be a G-Shock collector, too...on the forums all the time. Not so much any more, but still love 'em.

    I have about 20 of them...the older ones are obscenely valuable!
    09-23-10 10:28 PM
  11. LuvMyBB's Avatar
    I have about 20 of them...the older ones are obscenely valuable!
    Yeah, I used to spend hours on end searching for a good deal on one...never hit the jackpot though. :-(

    Sorry to hijack...carry on.
    09-23-10 10:32 PM
  12. Bob G's Avatar
    I exchanged my first Torch on warranty. The new one is more snug, but still rattles and slaps when I type with the screen closed.

    Based on the advice here, I used the foam weatherstripping with adhesive backing. With a sharp knife, I sliced the height down to 1/16 to 1/8", the width to about 3/4", and the depth to about 1/8 to 3/16".

    Then I stuck this "bumper" to the underside of the screen in the center at the bottom. It is not visible when the slider is open or closed unless you look for it.

    I experimented with different dimensions until it was just big enough to stop the rattle, but not so big that it makes a larger gap between the screen and the base when the screen is closed.

    It is effective in removing the rattle, but it remains to be seen see how it works over time.

    10-17-10 08:05 PM
  13. Epillon21's Avatar
    Perhaps I'm one of the fortunate ones but I've never experienced a "wiggle" with any of the Torches I had. But after reading through this thread I must've fiddled with the slider so much I convinced myself there's a wiggle now! <Jedi mind trick> Off topic; my G-Shock 5064 is my 2nd favorite personal electronic device. Need to step up to the 6 series though!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-18-10 12:10 AM
  14. bully1's Avatar
    where are you putting the foam on the top side of the the phone or under the keyboard and are you using the sticky side to hold in place?
    10-19-10 05:05 PM
  15. Bob G's Avatar
    where are you putting the foam on the top side of the the phone or under the keyboard and are you using the sticky side to hold in place?
    Assuming you are asking me, I adhere the sticky side of the foam to the back side of the screen.
    10-19-10 05:55 PM
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