1. montelatici's Avatar
    I have had a Verizon Storm for 2 years. I have used an Iphone 2G and recently a 3G and frankly it is a much better piece of gear all around.

    My company has an ATT account for me and also this Verizon data only account for the Storm which has unlimited data all over the world for about 70 bucks a month. We want to keep this data plan which is no longer offered.

    For Torch owners that have used Iphones, is the Torch a bit better than the Storm and comparable to the Iphone? Especially the touch screen response and the intuitive things that the Iphone seems to do? If so, I would stay with Verizon and this Blackberry unlimited international plan. If not, I will bite the bullet and take my chances with data usage abroad, because the Iphone is far superior all around than my Storm.
    10-21-10 09:08 PM