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    Using a BB Torch, with BES (Express I believe). This is now the second time this has happened, and my employer is NOT happy as it is expensive to have our IT contractor come in and reset and resync my accounts since I have a couple of thousand contacts in it.

    The first time this happened, after contacting AT&T Blackberry customer service, I finally had to wipe the entire phone and start again, and this wiped out my MES set-up on my phone, but not the company server I think. AT&T BB customer service acknowledged that this was a bug with the OS 6, and possibly the Torch itself, I do not fully recall. The bug is; once Wi-Fi was set-up/ activated in Options or Manage Connections, the phone could not automatically switch between Wi-Fi and GSM/EDGE mode depending upon what was available and the strongest.

    I recently uploaded the latest version of OS 6 with the hope that this bug had been fixed, and activated my phone's Wi-Fi the other day, and that was the end of my BES syncing with my Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks, etc.

    At least this time I have been able to turn my Wi-Fi off and still access the Internet and my gmail account, where last time even those features lost functionality.

    So, help me save my job and fix this problem???

    Of note, our IT people like BB, use them too, but do not bother with BES like my employer does, so they are not that strong on it.

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    Sorry I cant help. You might get more BES help in the Admin forum

    edit: fwiw, all of the connections work properly on my Torch and I am on full BES at work and have a few BIS accounts setup as well.
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    I haven't had issues with BES and WiFi on any version of the OS and I've used them all since the original 141. I'm back and forth between WiFi and 3G quite a few times a day and have no issues.
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