1. Roveer's Avatar
    We just got 2 torch's to replace our 8350i Nextel BB's Getting used to so many new features and quirky things has been a challange but we are getting there.

    One of the things that is driving us nuts is the ability of errent screen touches and pocket dials. Both of us have inadvertently turned off all the radio's by accidentily hitting the top of the touch screen and then hitting the "turn all connections off" button. Just holding the phone can allow that to happen. That functionality needs to be removed. I'm more than happy to go into the icon to do that. Don't need it as part of the home screen.

    So I wanted to try Beiks keyboard locker for touch screens and put the trail on my phone. I re-assigned the unlock key to be the "end call/power" button. Works great. Much less likely that this button will get hit. The lock button on top of the phone gets hit all the time when it's in a pocket or geting picked up or put down.

    Problem solved right. Well no. Beiks works great EXCEPT the lock/unlock key on top of the phone will still unlock the beiks lock. So basically its useless. Am I doing something wrong or what? I'd be very happy buying this application if that button no longer unlocked the phone.

    Any ideas? I tried finding a way to contact the beiks guys on their website, but wasn't able to find anything.



    10-26-10 12:28 PM
  2. Fnord's Avatar
    You can try PatternLock. Can assign it to the top hardware lock button, and there is no way to accidentally have it unlock in your pocket.

    One of the most useful apps I have on my Torch.
    10-26-10 12:44 PM