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    Have some trouble managing calenders with my outlook, BB PIM and pocket informant. Hope someone can shed some light on how to manage as the support function isn’t helping. I am using a Torch 9800.

    I have 2 hotmail accounts linked to my outlook but they are managed separately and not lumped together in one inbox. Attach the screenshot here for clarity.

    After setting up my bb for the first time, I linked the BB PIM to sync with Outlook and all went well but my pocket informant isn’t sync-ing my calendar with the BB PIM although the Tasks were sync-ed successfully.

    Acting on the advice of the pocket informant support:

    “Pocket Informant will sync to your default calendar on your blackbery. Most likely the issue is your default calendar isn't the one Outlook is syncing to”
    WebIS Knowledgebase :: How to set the default calendar on BlackBerry for Pocket Informant sync

    Hence, I changed inside “options – default calendar CICAL” from “DEFAULT” to one of the hotmail email accounts and my pocket informant is sync-ing with the BB PIM but now my calendar isn’t syncing with Outlook and the “DEFAULT” option is no longer available in CICAL.

    Another issue noted was that the tasks appear inside the native task function but not appearing in the BB Calendar although the “Show Tasks” function is selected.

    My PIM is now in a mess and pocket informant has happily brushed off the problem.

    “I can't tell you why Outlook is no longer syncing with your blackberry. In years of offering this solution, nobody has ever reported changing the default calendar on the blackberry has ever affected Outlook syncing. You'll best served by working with RIM support”

    “I would assume Outlook throught RIM desktop manager would also sync to your default folder, but I'm not sure. RIM support would probably be the best resource to resolve that.”

    Thanks in advance!
    11-20-10 11:04 AM
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    I would wipe the device and start over. On your carriers BIS website, delete all but your primary email account. Get only one email and calendar working then maybe add a second. After the wipe from your carriers BIS website, send the service books. The default calendar at that point will be associated with your primary email account. Now setup Sync between the DM and your BB. After all is working, add the second email account. I am not sure if the DM will sync more than one calendar.
    11-21-10 01:57 AM