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    Lately I started to notice that my BB's battery drains all of a sudden, like I'm taking a picture and "battery too low for radio use" pops up and the battery icon is red. If I did a software reboot the battery is as charged as it should be. I've checked several forums, even crackberry.com, and some said it is an OS problem, others that it is a hardware problem. Judging by the fact that after I every reboot the battery is charged as it should be, I thought it's an OS problem. First I did an update to but It was running to slow and freezing all the time, so I downgraded it to it's previous OS version - the battery problem still occured. After trying several times, I downloaded and installed v6.0.0.695, and during the downgrading process it reached the "connecting to device step" and then it rebooted and since then it is on a reboot cycle(the white line "grows" and when it has like 0.5 cm to finish the process it reboots). I tried "How to Reload the OS on a Nuked BlackBerryberry" not working, it reboots during the process.. Is anything that I can do with it? Sorry for bad english.. English is not my main language.
    10-06-13 08:12 AM
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    Have you tried to boot in safe mode already?

    When rebooting, hold the 'back' button when then red light turns off. Hold it until it fully rebooted.

    It helped with my old Torch. I installed an app and when I rebooted, it kept doing that. When I rebooted in safe mode, it worked. I could delete the app which was clearly the problem as it rebooted just fine after that.

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    10-06-13 08:35 AM
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    Now it shuts down and reboots... I tried app loader everything went good until "A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again."..
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    10-06-13 08:51 AM
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    Now I'm back to OS version I still have the battery problem... it drains out and after reboot it's ok.. what to do? I'm pretty sure it can't be a hardware problem since after the reboot it works...
    10-06-13 09:09 AM
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    Do another security wipe..

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    10-06-13 09:50 AM
  6. kimoi's Avatar
    Do another security wipe just to rule out a software problem..

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10
    10-06-13 09:50 AM

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