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    HI ALL! I have reviewed pages of older posts regarding this issue with the 9800 but didn't see anything recent so I hope it's ok to bring it up again... I went from an 8300 (that I bought as a refurb and used for 4 years - without a single problem!!) that would go 7-9 DAYS without recharging the battery, to a 9800 that I HAVE to recharge every night or I'm toast in the board meetings! That just doesn't seem right. I know that touch screens eat up energy, but should it really go dead that quickly? On a crazy day I text about 75 times. I do review about 5-10 emails on a crazy day, but on a normal day I check a few emails, and text less than 10 times. On a crazy day I have to recharge again around 3-4pm, and on my normal day I'm ok up until about 10p.m. I've recently purchased a new battery so I'll see if that makes a dif, if not, I guess I'll get a charger or something so I can avoid a dead battery for board meetings.

    Oh, my PlayBook dies after several hours as well. I view 15-20 emails, maybe answer a few, and randomly troll FaceBook ... THANKS for any suggestions.
    07-29-12 02:37 AM