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    This has happened twice to me so far so wondering if this has happened to anyone else. When I put my Torch into the dock to charge over night, I wake up the next day to take my Torch out only to find that the phone has been completely shut off and I need to do a battery pull to turn it on. Not only that but my battery has not been charged the whole night, it stayed exactly where it was before. It's just weird how my phone completely shuts off for some reason and no matter what buttons I press it won't go back on unless I do a battery pull.
    11-16-10 01:07 PM
  2. chaddeus's Avatar
    This happen to me even on the BB 9700 when I use my PC and a USB cable to charge my BB.

    Basically, if my computer goes to sleep mode, I will have this issue. I dont know why also.

    - Charles
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    11-16-10 01:22 PM
  3. LadyCeeDee's Avatar
    ...and I have to pull the battery out to "reboot" it. Now, how do we get some help on this issue?
    12-02-10 03:30 AM
  4. moiselles's Avatar
    He's talking about his charging dock, not using the USB and charging through his computer.

    I wish I had an answer for you. Have you looked at any of the settings in your 9800 to see if maybe it is set to "shut off" when charging? I don't even know if that's a possible option, but worth a try. Best of luck!
    12-02-10 04:44 AM
  5. hboutin's Avatar
    Had the same thing happening to me once, so since then, I put the phone in the dock, put it in bedside mode and it charges well into the night.
    12-02-10 07:40 AM
  6. dochouse7's Avatar
    Might not make a difference here, but what os version are you running? If you haven't updated to the .337 build, perhaps you should try that and see if the issue continues?

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    12-02-10 08:13 AM
  7. jeffy1's Avatar
    I have the exact same problem with my Torch.
    Running BES, bedside mode, alarm set, put in charging dock, clock displays and dims and in the morning find the phone a brick and have to battery pull to restart. Jaxterz did you find a fix?
    01-14-11 04:48 PM
  8. cwmont13's Avatar
    To the OP. I'm Not having issues with mine. I have mine set to "no" auto shutoff in " options, device, auto on off". In other words my device is on all the time. In the clock options I have it set to "enter bedside mode" and also "disable LED plus dim screen". I'm running .337 but had no issues with any earlier builds. Do you have any apps running in the background? That might be causing an issue if an app is trying to update at night and failing causing the phone to crash and stopping the charge.

    Jeffy1 - could it be possible something in the BES settings is causing your problem? Have you checked with the admin for your BES to see if they have had this happen before?

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    01-14-11 11:46 PM
  9. era3z's Avatar
    I don't have this problem also... And... I don't know the answer, but I'm just curious, have you tried to charge it straightly with your wall charger?? Any difference?
    01-15-11 04:59 AM
  10. newcollector's Avatar
    I shut my phone off at night. Don't really know why, just have always done that. Phone charges fine and then turn it on in the morning. Never had a problem like the OP is describing, but I am also not on BES nor do I have a lot of apps...just Poynt and Facebook and Weather Channel. Like cmont, I have not enabled my auto on.
    01-15-11 09:47 AM
  11. salexs11's Avatar
    make sure the dock is connected to a power outlet, not a computer via usb
    01-15-11 02:03 PM