1. dayoungdc's Avatar
    So just wondering... I know you can get tactile or audio feedback from the trackpad, and you can also get it from the dedicated BB keys, but is it possible to set up any kind of audio or tactile feedback for the touchscreen on the torch?? If so, how?

    11-29-10 06:48 AM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    You mean like a BB storm?

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    11-29-10 06:55 AM
  3. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    Like when you touch the screen it will make some noise? I've messed around in all the options a lot, and didn't come across anything of that sort. Although, someone may have made an app to do such a thing. The only thing even like that I know of is SixTools, which can just add a slider open/close noise.
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    11-29-10 07:38 AM
  4. dayoungdc's Avatar
    Yes, that is what I meant. Sounds like it isn't possible on the BB.
    11-29-10 10:06 AM
  5. Fnord's Avatar
    No such luck.

    Best you'll get is "audible roll" on the trackpad (as you mentioned) or "key tone" under Keypad Settings which enables a very annoying sound whenever you click any of the bottom buttons (call, bb, trackpad, back, end).
    11-29-10 10:17 AM