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    I have a user that has a BB torch. We have a pretty restrictive IT policy here, so we normally install applications before we run Enterprise Activation. Mostly the applications we install are AT&T Navigator and Google Maps. I have a user that has the Torch, and he has a few Apps Installed. Every time he runs any app it asks him for his registration information. Once entered, the application will run fine. If you exit, and go right back in, it asks for the registration information again. This is the only phone I have ever seen this on. I removed the IT policy, removed the app and re-booted and I even did a factory wipe, but the problem still continues. He is having the problem with AT&T Navigator, and any other App. that asks for registration.
    11-01-10 09:16 AM
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    What OS (246?) And list the other apps. I use navigator on BES and several others as well with many of the same on BIS. DocToGo, BerryWeather, QL and FileScout. All have reg codes and I am not seeing this issue on any of my 3 devices.

    Without the IT policy pretty much says wipe the device and do a clean install. Something has become corrupt. Did you remove it by command since you are an admin or did you use crakutil? Did you send the OS6 service books?

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    11-01-10 11:00 AM
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    Yes it is version 246. We have hundreds of Blackberry's here and this is the only one having the issue. I removed the IT policy myself, and I had our Admins remove the IT policy Via the BES. I have restored the BB to factory default, and even when I re-install AT&T NAV the same issue appears. The Software works, but it requires the users name, email Etc. everytime he opens the software. He has other software such as Requal and other that won't run correctly. It just keeps popping up with the allow deny message. Even if you go in and edit the permissions to allow all, there are some that can't be changed from Prompt. Even from a factory wipe.
    11-01-10 11:20 AM
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    Something is corrupt. Us BBSAK or the DM to do a clean insall i.e. a wipe. The advanced loader option allow you not to restore anything. At this point I would even consider trolling the sd car to ensure no app dirs that contain settings are left behind...

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    11-01-10 11:38 AM