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    Looking for comments from any torch owners that switched from Verizon 9650. Thinking about leaving big red because I am interested in the 9800 but I am concerned about the coverage issues ect. Any thoughts?

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    10-09-10 08:54 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    Came from the 9650. The 9650 is awesome but this kicks the crap out of it.

    I had crap coverage on Sprint but I get very good reception on AT&T. But YMMV, coverage always varies on location...

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    10-10-10 02:12 AM
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    I switched from a VZW 9650 to a Torch about 3 days ago. I loved the Bold, and I was convinced that I would never leave Big Red, but seeing the capabilities on the Torch piqued my curiosity, as well as seeing all the slick commercials I went into and ATT store on a whiman and the rest is history The Bold is a great phone (even more so with OS 6!), but IMO the user experience on the Torch is far superior!! I am truly amazed at just versatile the device is as far as all the different ways you can use it! It really is an amazing form factor, and something that has been missing from the BlackBerry line-up. Before I switched to the Torch I did think about drinking the Droid Kool-aid, but I guess I'm too addicted to the Crack

    As far as coverage goes, I agree w papped that it depends on location. I get very good reception wherever I am, but I have noticed that there are areas where I get dropped reception where I didn't w Verizon. So if that is something. That is small in exchange for a great device, I say go forth & enjoy!

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    10-10-10 11:24 AM
  4. stephenventura's Avatar
    Thanks. I appreciate the feedback.

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    10-11-10 05:53 AM
  5. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I have a work issued 9650 and my current personal phone is the 9800. So I use them both all day.
    I honestly don't see a penny's worth of difference between coverage on the two. I travel extensively for work, and I have tested coverage on both devices just because I've heard so many negative comments about ATT coverage. I thought, well hey, I've got both, so see what the difference is. My observations on difference in coverage on my two devices on the areas where I travel??? None! I've literally put both devices, side by side, in the areas I visit/live/work and no difference that I have seen.
    10-11-10 08:20 AM