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    My problem is this: When I sync my Torch and it gets to reading the device address book it gives me Error code - 0x80043ac9. check documentation.

    I know this is an old issue and that several forum posts with possible solutions are widely available on the net but most are quite comprehensive to do or require one to check individual address book files.

    However, the sync stops at record 1786 of 1980 which indicates that something is wrong with record 1786 or 1787. There are several freeware programmes that let you convert the address backup .ipd file but it only shows the most basic entries such as names and telephone numbers while the issue is likely due to a faulty birthday date entry or imported photo (from FB etc), at least thats what most older forum posts tell me about this issue.

    Does anyone know in what order the files are being read? Is it alphabetical on first name? Is it on the first entry it asks for when adding a new contact? (title) or something else? Im thinking all I have to do is start counting and delete record # 1786 or 1787?

    Hope someone can help.

    07-25-11 07:01 PM