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    I am at my wit's end with my Torch and the media player. I have two (count 'em) two Pokemon songs in my song list and many video game songs without album art. But guess which album art was RANDOMLY selected to be placed for those songs? You guessed it. The Pokemon one. Now when a female friend of mine was curious as to what songs I had on my new BB I had to give a panicked explanation as to why Pokemon was plastered all over my song list.

    Can someone please help me change my album art? It wouldn't even be a bad thing if it was blank.

    With that in mind I do not have an Ipod, Itunes or incredible technical saviness.
    I just have a blackberry, a PC and Windows Media Player.

    Thank you
    01-25-11 03:05 PM
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    Download a program called MP3Tag (donation ware). Very easy to use. If your songs are on your memory card, make sure to also delete all files entitled "bbthumbs.dat". These files are hidden, so you will have to search for hidden files as well.

    I can proudly say that I have 12GB of music on my torch, complete with proper tags and album art. It was a very frustrating and time consuming process and a couple times during the project all my album art would revert back to one particular image. Each time that happend, all I had to do to fix was access my music folder through MP3Tag and select all songs and hit ctrl+s to save. Afterwhich, I would again search for any hidden files entitled "bbthumbs.dat" (which mysteriously pop up from time to time for some reason) and delete.

    Pain in the *** process, but I'm a bit OCD about these kind of things...

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    01-27-11 12:54 AM