1. auditman's Avatar
    11-06-10 06:02 PM
  2. fadown's Avatar
    I'm confused?. has anyone tried the app on there torch? because its brutal on mine.
    its almost illegible.
    11-06-10 06:14 PM
  3. pmccartney's Avatar
    Is this a joke? Air Canada isn't the best at anything.
    11-06-10 06:26 PM
  4. Air_Canada's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    As you well know the app currently isn't ready yet. The problems that you are seeing is due to an oversight on our part by using a default sizing if a compatible device is not detected.

    The properly formated Torch app will be ready in our December release in time for the holidays.

    We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and hopefully in the future you will continue using our app as we enjoy providing the service.

    If you have any questions, feedback or comments please do no hesitate to contact us directly at blackberry@aircanada.ca


    Air Canada Customer Service Platform Team
    11-08-10 08:43 AM
  5. TLS2000's Avatar
    When did Air Canada get a social media team going?

    It's good to hear that you're making the app compatible with the Torch. I was looking for one when my sister was trapped in St. Lucia due to hurricane Tomas recently.
    11-08-10 10:39 AM
  6. lavs's Avatar
    nice app to look forward too
    11-08-10 10:46 AM
  7. Air_Canada's Avatar
    When did Air Canada get a social media team going?
    We try to monitor social media about the apps we create. We will monitor crackberry as well now, but mostly we answer the emails directly to us and our twitter account.

    The twitter account also lets our follower know when the newest update is out so if you want to follow that, you will be up to date with our happenings. Our twitter account can be found at https://twitter.com/aircanadamobile

    I forgot to mention previously that for now you can use our mobile site at m.aircanada.ca to check-in to flight as well as many functions that the app provides until an app is available for the Torch!

    Best Regards,

    Air Canada Customer Service Platform Team
    11-08-10 03:43 PM
  8. Air_Canada's Avatar
    Hi Guys,

    Working late into the night last night we were able to bring you v 2.0 of the BlackBerry app. Two main upgrades are the update to OS5 as well as compatibility with the BlackBerry Torch! Because it was only done last night it is not up on App World yet, but it has been submitted for approval.

    That does not mean that you can’t download it now though. As always on mobile.air canada.ca we have the latest version. So direct your phone there now!

    Here’s a tiny URL to get you straight to the dload page!: tiny url.com/AirCanadabb2

    Track and Check-in to your flights over the Holiday Season with the Air Canada BlackBerry app!

    Sorry about the space in the sinks, until we have 10 posts we are not allowed to post link! Guess we have to get even more active!

    Air Canada Customer Solutions and Innovations Team, eCommerce
    12-07-10 12:38 PM
  9. TLS2000's Avatar
    Excellent! I haven't flown in about two years, but this is great news for frequent fliers!
    12-07-10 01:19 PM
  10. croman's Avatar
    downloading it as we speak..

    Edit: Lame..doesn't support Touch..weak.
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    12-07-10 02:13 PM
  11. fadown's Avatar
    it works fine on mine. i must say bravo air canada on a speedy update and for keeping us in the loop. ill be using this for all my flights now from pearson to trudeau
    12-07-10 03:41 PM
  12. cwoodffr's Avatar
    Begs the question why the ads in the mag in flight show the Torch as the featured device but prior to availability. In future you should synch up with promotion.
    12-07-10 07:02 PM