1. Franksterp69's Avatar
    Adobe said today that versions of its Flash player are headed for all of the major smartphone operating systems. When available, these will allow a wide range of mobile devices to use Flash-enabled websites.
    A statement released by the company says:
    Flash Player 10.1 is available on Android and Google TV today, with BlackBerry platform, HP webOS 2.0, future versions of Windows« Phone, LiMo, MeeGo, and Symbian OS also expected to support Flash Player 10.1.
    This software allows a web browser to fully make use of websites that use Flash for navigation, games, and showing video. As there are quite a few sites that are almost unusable without Flash support, consumers have been asking for this player for many years.
    Most models running Google's Android OS 2.2 already include this plug-in, and HP's newly released Palm Pre 2 does as well.
    Adobe did not say when it will release the versions for the BlackBerry OS, Microsoft's Windows Phone, the Symbian OS, or Nokia/Intel's MeeGo.
    Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has made it abundantly clear that iOS-based devices like the iPhone and iPod touch will never offer a Flash player. Instead, this company is throwing its support behind an open standard, HTML5.
    10-30-10 09:51 PM
  2. cdf3's Avatar
    Hope so. The only browser I can view the navigation links on my employers website is the Uzard Browser on my 9650.
    10-30-10 10:20 PM