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    I just found out my Torch is available to pick up tomorrow morning. SO EXCITED! This will be my first smart phone, so first Blackberry of course and I couldn't be more happier. I've been waiting for this phone ever since it was rumoured months and months ago.

    Anyways, I have a stupid question about phone activation. I've always had a Pay As You Go Plan, so this contract stuff is new to me too.

    I ordered a corporate 3 year cellular plan from Telus and the Torch as well online. They delivered it to my house today, but I wasn't home so I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow. So my question is do I just go to a local Telus store and get one of the reps to "activate" it and pick my cell number? How does the phone know what plan I have and charge me? Is it through the SIM card?

    Haha, sorry for the stupid questions. But I can't wait to finally use my Torch tomorrow!!
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