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    Ok so here goes...

    I was at work last night and my torch took a plunge into some pizza sauce. I cleaned it off pulled the battery and when i got home took the phone completely apart and cleaned it out with some alcohol. Least now it works but i have a couple small issues, no landscape mode(accelerometer issues), and no virtual keyboard(assuming that's a software issue?). So my question to you guys is, does anyone know where exactly on the device the accelerometer is located?
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    01-29-11 07:39 AM
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    I don't know where the accelerometer is located, but maybe there is something "sauced up" with the slider mechanism thinking that the phone is open? not allowing it to change to landscape mode? Good luck man!
    01-29-11 08:15 AM
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    Check out this article--> http://crackberry.com/blackberry-tor...s-video-slider

    You get it broke down and I'll get you to the accelerometer.
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    01-29-11 08:26 AM
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    Check out this article--> BlackBerry Torch 9800 Teardown Photos and Video of Slider Mechanism in Action! | CrackBerry.com

    You get it broke down and I'll get you to the accelerometer.
    Thanks man, but I already had it completely tore down.

    My thinking now after using it for a day is that the phone constantly thinks its open(why no landscape mode, keyboard always on even when closed, no virtual keyboard). So my next question is whether anyone knows what tells the phone its open or closed? I already had it tore down and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary(looked at the main board under a microscope just to follow the lands to see if anything was burnt, and it looked fine), separated the 2 halves but didn't take the slider off the screen section(didn't want to separate the digitizer, was afraid of it not going back together properly). Quite possibly something in the slide mechanism?
    01-30-11 06:47 AM
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    Just did a small test with six tools and holster/slider sounds. No matter what I do there is no open slider sound but it does play the closed slider sound, also no holster sounds other then the closed slider sound. In other words when i put it into the holster i get no sounds, when i pull it from the holster i get the closed slider sound. Any idea on what would cause it to think its always open?
    01-30-11 07:45 AM
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    Could there be an optical sensor in the slider somewhere that got sauced up, making it think the slider is always open? Maybe you will have to remove the slider from phone to check every nook and cranny. There's a thread I replied to somewhere (search my posts) where I gave a somewhat detailed digitizer removal process, if you do decide to do the full disassembly route.

    Heck, maybe it wouldn't even hurt to buy a digitizer online (20 bucks, check ebay) and just replace it upon reassembly, in case you damage it, but most importantly, to get the new adhesive (since the old adhesive gets ruined when you take it off)
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    01-31-11 09:37 PM
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    Your accelerometer is either part of the GPS or it is a very small chip wave soldered onto the PCB - so that's not your culprit. In the slide there are two sensors. Some have used a card to slide between the screen and body to clean debris away (was mentioned in another thread). Perhaps try that or retrace your assembly and make sure something didn't get left disconnected. From what you have described I think your bang on and the phone always thinks its open and the slide sensors (contacts) would be the most likely culprit.


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    01-31-11 11:04 PM
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    Well it has gotten progressively worse now(touchscreen is completely unresponsive), So I just called my insurance and claimed that.

    FYI, I took it completely apart including the touchpad and digitizer and back housing(slider mechanism). cleaned everything with alcohol, no idea what tells the phone whether its open or closed, but thanks for the help.
    02-01-11 11:15 AM