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    Dear ancient tech users:

    I needed a new cellphone but I can't stand full touch screens or t-9 texting. Enter the random of act of "brandsmart USA" $40 blackfriday special. $60 after special.


    FORM and SHAPE:


    5 depressable buttons on the front are amazing. Answering the phone sitting in the bottom of a messenger bag with cold hands is a breeze.

    Slide to activate screen just makes me smile.

    Solid camera.

    Talking on the phone while extended just feel right in my hands.


    Qwerty keyboard is for elfin hands.
    Flash is iffy.


    I had some ugly provisioning issues with tracphone but AT&T / Cricket was glad to have me. Remember folks 2g is soon to be obsoleted, next up three g.

    SMS no issues. MMS, small groupmail/ pictures no issues.



    Highlights: Blackberry Desktop software. Installed a QR reader OTA. Opera mini 8 OTA. Youtube still supports playback. Smooth importation of contacts. Media Player. File manager. Network control settings.


    Browser, depending on how https and the BB OS browser interact things can become explosive.

    Appworld, nope

    BBmaps, nope and there zip zero reasonably easy to install current mapping application. Heck, this is something I'd pay for if it was optimized for my environment. TURN OFF YOUR GPS TO SAVE BATTERY LIFE.

    Wishes: ALX files of random goodness

    End result: I am now the proud user of a crippled smart phone whose build quality and camera puts feature phones to shame.
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    12-12-18 09:45 PM
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    $40 is bad for a trip down memory lane...
    12-13-18 09:13 AM

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