1. LandGrader's Avatar
    I just purchased my wife an at&t 9800 Torch, and the phone will not hold a 3G signal. When the phone does have 3G the signal it is good with 5 bars inside my home and download and upload speeds are great, but after a couple hours the phone will revert back to EDGE and will not switch back to 3G unless I go to "Manage Connections" then turn off "Mobile Network" and then back on. I gave it 2 days to switch back to 3G on its own but it would not.

    I have 3 other 3G phones in the house. 2 iphones and a sony that never lose 3G signal with speeds on average of 1.5mb down and 1.2mb up with 4 bars of signal.

    I have done battery pulls and normal power cycles. The phone also has the latest at&t release.

    Before I return the phone does anyone have any suggestions I could try? It works great other than this one issue
    02-04-11 05:08 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    Try a different OS like .337 or .448. A newer OS uses a different radio file.
    02-04-11 05:23 PM