1. jmolina93's Avatar
    So I have 4 more days to return my 9800 and then I will use my old Pearl until the 9780 comes out. Is the battery life in the 9780 expected to be better than in the 9800??as anyone heard anything new on its release date for AT&T??and fnally I know RIM just got QNX to build their new OS for Phones so should I keep the Torch because of the touch screen and upcoming software or wait till the 9780 because I love its form factor and size???

    PD:The 9780 will probably cost 199, I got the Torch with a bigger, touch screen for 99 (internally the same) so is the 9780 really worth it?
    09-29-10 10:46 PM
  2. anon(13322)'s Avatar
    I would keep the Torch. The 9780 will probably have better battery life, but you will have a bigger screen on the Torch. Plus, the Torch is Blackberry's flagship phone, so it will get special treatment.

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    09-29-10 11:31 PM
  3. thej's Avatar
    and if ur selling ur Torch .. do let me know , no seriously...
    09-30-10 01:38 AM