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    HI ALL! I've been ready for an upgrade since last year but have been waiting for the 9780 on AT&T but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I went to the store, played around with the 9800 and I like it, I've been hesitating on it because it would be my first touch phone. I'm ready to buy something NOW! Right now I'm using the 8900 and it has been absolutely good to me but I want a change.
    My question is this: Is there anything else I should buy along with the Torch that is a must..example: memory card, if so, what size? Anybody else switch from the 8900 to the 9800?

    01-20-11 02:47 PM
  2. AcADIeN's Avatar
    memory card came with it, 4gb, I switch from 8900 to 9800 and I can tell you, I'm not going back, no more trackball and touch screen with a big screen and a better webbrowser. And 3g
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    01-20-11 02:52 PM
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    I to came from the 8900 the only thing i miss is the keyboard but everything else is way better. I would recommend a screen protector but that's it. Shop around if you do buy this phone alot of places have it cheaper than att.
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    01-20-11 03:00 PM
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    You don't really NEED anything else with it. I would say that you should get for it, whatever you had for your 8900. i.e. If you had a case get a similar case for the Torch.
    As far a memory goes you will have almost 8GB available to do with what you like (4GB internal + 4GB card) and you will have about 300MB of application memory as well, to load all your favourite useful and useless apps.
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    01-20-11 03:05 PM
  5. AcADIeN's Avatar
    whosuredaddy69 is right, I too feel like I miss the 8900 keyboard a little bit (it was more confortable for me to type on it) but I still love this unit.
    01-20-11 03:07 PM
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    My previouse Device was a 8900 too. In Germany you have to buy the charging pod and a leather holster for the 9800 by yourself, i strongly recommend both!!
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    01-20-11 05:26 PM
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    I'm waiting to move up from my 8900 to the Torch 2 . IMO wait for the Torch 2 in Q3 of this year or so. Yes there will always be something better coming down the line, but IMO the improvements from 1st gen to 2nd gen are usually the biggest. Improvements from 2nd gen onwards for the most part are not as huge.
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    01-20-11 07:02 PM
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    I went from the 8900 to the 9800. The only thing I miss on the 8900 was the way you slip it into its charging pod. The metal contacts made charging on it so easy. For the 9800, you have to slip it in the pod with the micro usb. It's nothing bad though. I loved my 9800 since the day I got it =]
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    01-20-11 07:04 PM
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    Just my opinion, get at LEAST an 8Gb card, if not a 16. 4GB will fill up very quickly. Both the Otterbox Commuter and AGR GRT cases are nice, I've had both and prefer the AGF. Good luck with your 9800, and enjoy!
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    01-20-11 07:07 PM
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    I put.a screen protector on my Torch the firsrt day ... Don't know life without it. I'd also recommend some kind of protective case, depending on your preference.

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    01-20-11 10:07 PM
  11. prashkul's Avatar
    I too have come from a 8900. Display was sharper and keyboard better on the 8900.

    The overall experience on torch is much better - larger screen, touch-screen & OS6. Killer looks to boot! I love it. I got an OEM pocket case, easy to slip the phone in/out and good for protection.
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    01-20-11 10:10 PM
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    I came from the 8900 as well. I do miss the keyboard of that device and prefer it over the 9800. I've since given the 8900 to my gf, and sometimes find myself picking it, opening up a blank email, and typing away just to feel how good the keyboard is again But I could never go back. I love the screen size, speedier response, and touch screen.

    I'm all about accessories. I have the holster, sleeve, charging pod, and car dock/charger.
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    01-20-11 10:24 PM
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    If you're an audiophile then I'd suggest some better headphones. Other than that I'd say you're ok. Maybe a case to protect it, but I rarely use mine for my 9700.

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    01-21-11 01:12 AM
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    The 9780 is just around the corner to be released on AT&T, but if you must get a new BB now, then get the 9800, however, bear in mind that the keyboard is much harder to type than on your Curve.

    Otherwise, it has a lovely screen and good camera.

    When I had my Torch, the first thing I did was put a screen protector on it as you don't want any scratches on that lovely screen. Also, get a bigger memory card (16 GB I suggest)

    Wish you the best, I could only stand the Torch for 7 days then it went back to the store.
    01-21-11 01:41 AM
  15. pikaSF's Avatar
    Thanks Everyone!! This forum just made the decision even HARDER!!! I did notice that the keyboard on the Torch feels much different to type on but I actually did not mind the touch keyboard. So the 9780 is around the corner ey? And the Torch 2 as well? I think I'm going to wait for both the 9780 and Torch 2 to come out then I will make a decision...looks like Old Faithful 8900 is here to stay!!
    01-21-11 11:04 AM
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    The 9780 is out (maybe not AT&T). My guess is the Torch 2 won't be around for a good 6 months.
    01-21-11 11:09 AM
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    Thanks PM...I know the 9780 is out but no...not on AT&T and I don't want to buy it on EBay or Craigslist because my contract has been done since last year so I don't mind another two year contract with a phone upgrade..ahh..the wait!!
    01-21-11 11:19 AM