1. bluebell_1973's Avatar
    ok - so i went to back up my torch. Battery was dying so i had it plugged into my laptop usb already to charge. Open Blackberry Desktop Software, up pops a software update.

    so I download the update, it extracts, installs...and now my it apparently cannot "see" my torch at all. I've tried closing and reopening the software, tried different usb ports on my laptop...nothing is coming up. when I plug the usb to my phone, a screen comes up saying "blackberry device is plugged in" with 3 choices - usb drive, sync media or charge only. doesn't matter which of these I select, the blackberry destop software still says that no device is connected. Help? what did i do?
    01-03-11 02:53 AM
  2. Matrix Leader's Avatar
    Usually, any othe the options would work, I usually select Charge only, and leave it connected for a few seconds, then it will automatically connect.

    Try restarting your computer then try again.
    01-03-11 03:16 AM