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    Got my torch less than 24 hours ago I suppose. Heres my impressions from the start in the store.

    Weight - similar to my old storm - so the weight to me felt good.
    Build quality - amazing. It makes me kind of laugh at the comments i heard from other people on the board. Comments such as the keys were not clicking, the blackberry menu button or the return button were too squishy, the slider was too hard, too soft, wiggled.

    Heres my comments about the slider. First off - mine does not wiggle open or closed more than .5 of a milimeter. That is essentialy the size of this "."

    People that complained about the slider wiggling...all i have to say is was it during real daily use? Or trying to make it wiggle - ie sweeping it up and down holding it from the very bottom of the keyboard while exteneded? seriously? ....I digress.

    Blackberry OS 6 - I have to say this is a giant step forward. It does definately take some time getting use to. From being a BB addict on my storm, I do love the OS. It wasn't a grown love - the first time i made a phone call, the first time i sent a msg and went on the web it was perfect and exactly how I wanted the phone to function.

    The OS build is .246 - which is incredibly smooth. I have not seen this "lag" I have not had any major slow downs. One interesting cool thing and also kind of a down side - I've had the browser crash on me. Now - it crashed and all i had to do was press the "end" key and i was brough back to my normal functioning OS. However I could not launch my browser again until a battery pull. Not a huge issue - but what makes me happy about this ...error/function is it did not lock up my phone. I could still use it - less web browsing. Soo...positive/negative? I don't know.

    Is this an iPhone killer? What are you stupid? The iphone is an iphone, the blackberry is a blackberry. This is a BB Storm/curve/pearl/tour and possible bold killer.

    After demo'ing this phone to "non iphone users" they were very impressed with the OS, web browsing, and a few of them actually were calling stores to get their hands on it.

    The WebKit browser - so far so good. I was using Opera on my storm - that was the only viable way to surf the net. WebKit does the web seemlessly. One of the demo sites I use is dun dun dunnnnn Apple.com - mainly because its a very graphical site - and heavy. And the webkit browser handled it beautifully. Pinch+zoom is usefull. The double tap on text to make it wrap - very cool (except i think it may actually slow down web browsing experience on graphic heavy sites)

    Call quality- lest we forget its a phone. Huzza - it makes calls. I only had 1 dropped call - but my old storm use to drop the call in the exact same place. So 1 dropped call - big deal. Sound quality - this is a tricky one - every phone is different. The storm sound quality was great - this phone sounds "richer" if i can explain it that way...So far its a good thing.

    Speaker phone - I think they need to add a few amps to the speaker phone...

    Video playback - My old argument is - if i want to watch a movie i'll use the projector in my living room - if i want to watch a "porn" or youtube on my blackberry - yes it works - and its good enough quality for a phone. again - i'm not going to upload a 1080i hd movie any time soon...so this is not a sell point for me not a big deal.

    Camera - was at the park with my dog last night - took some great action shots of him wrestling another dog - was very impressed. A+

    Touch+track pad - wicked combo. I didn't think I'd ever use the trackpad - but **** yes - its a perfect way to use the phone. Web browsing and browsing the OS are simply amazing. The touch is wicked sensitive - and typing on it is so easy. No complaints - only positive.

    Keyboard - I use suretype (let the bashing begin) - I love it - always have since the pearl days - Ive used the keyboard ...whatever - its a sell for some ...im looking for a way to remove the keyboard.

    Anyways- I highly recommend this phone. questions feel free to pin me

    10-01-10 07:07 AM
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    Completely agree! - Haven't had the browser crash.
    10-01-10 07:11 AM
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    You just made me even more pumped for my phone!!!

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    10-01-10 08:18 AM
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    had the browser crash earlier today, and my phone randomly restarted once as well. It also had an uncaught exception browsing photos... keeping positive though
    10-01-10 08:32 AM
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    nice writeup. Pretty much the same stuff I woulda wrote.
    10-01-10 08:36 AM
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    I picked mine up yesterday at about 10:30am. Had to make a 3 hour round trip to get the phone, but whatever. I figured if i didn't do that then I might have to wait even longer for more stock of the phone. Anyways, I bought mine from Best Buy, and they got it all set up (except internet, I had to get that up and running..but that's a different story).

    The first couple of calls I made with the phone I was getting some "scratchy" noises (like scratching a record player). Once I did a battery pull I've never had it since, so who know wtf that was. Seeing's how I've noticed some people having battery drain issues with .246 (from .225), i've been really aware as to how my battery life is, and in short, it's not good.

    I had a full charge on the phone by 1pm, and sat down to get my phone customized the way I'm used to, which included downloading some old 9000 BB tones (thanks to Jeffrei for that btw). After about 3 hours of constant play (which included some minor web surfing, but very little calls, texting etc) my battery was down to about 30-40%. Coming from a 9530, i'm used to a bad battery, but this seems excessive. Anyone else noticed any battery issues? I'm thinking of possibly downgrading and trying .225 to see if it is the .246 build or not. Apps i'm running are: Whatsapp, Quicklaunch, Berryweather, Pinball, CrunchSMS, Yellowpages, and BerryBuzz.

    Other than that, the phone is rockin. I love the trackpad..i forgot how much I missed it after not having one since my old curve. I love being able to just hold the phone with one hand and do pretty much everything. The browser is great. Ran a comparison with the wifes iP4, and was less than a second slower loading full webpages..which is great imo. Loading youtube videos i was actually a good 10seconds faster than hers. My video was loaded and playing and hers was still loading (i thought she forgot to hit play, but nope..just slower). Not that i'm a huge youtube user, that was just an observation. And as far as screen res goes, coming from my Storm, i was worried that there wouldn't be much difference in how videos and stuff looked with the Torch. Boy was I wrong..videos are much more crisp and easy on the eyes. Even my wife commented that the screen was great.

    I've got a Mexico 5 build (as i'm sure most of the Canadian releases were) and yea...slider's rock solid, as is the keyboard. Obviously things might change over time, but right now they're great. Battery drain is my only concern at the moment.
    10-01-10 08:44 AM
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    Glad you are enjoying your Torch. A good review as well.
    10-01-10 10:41 AM
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    - if i want to watch a "porn" or youtube on my blackberry - yes it works -

    Too much porn may cause your phone to have the excessive screen "wiggle" issue.

    J/k. ...Nice review, enjoy the Torch.
    10-01-10 11:15 AM
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    Too much porn may cause your phone to have the excessive screen "wiggle" issue.

    J/k. ...Nice review, enjoy the Torch.
    I lol'd. Good one.

    By the way, for those worried about the browser or something else crashing, the phone takes about a minute to boot up from a battery pull...

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    10-01-10 01:54 PM