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    Once again The World Of Pootermobile is here to dress up your BlackBerry with flair and style! Equis is "x" in Spanish, x as in ten, BlackBerry 10! This theme uses many elements from BB10 and it looks oh so good on your OS7 /OS6 device! Most apparent are the slick and minimal icons that are pleasing to the eyes and go with pretty much any wallpaper. And that is why the neutral colors of Equis were chosen as well, for a good combination of your wallpaper and theme. Another slick addition of BB10 is in the media player with some nice blue accents and just all around goodness. To round out Equis a weather slot sits nicely on the homescreen banner for a weather app or your favorite app. What are you waiting for? Grab Equis today for a touch of BB10 on your BlackBerry!

    Weather slot how-to: The icon that shows up in the top right of the banner is app number 19 in your app list. Move whatever icon you want up there to position number 19, then do a battery pull so the change can take effect. A battery pull is necessary there really isnt a way around that.

    • Default OS7/OS6 layout
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Custom icons
    • Media player skinned

    Purchase Equis from the link below
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    10-26-12 03:36 AM
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    Thanks for the Torch love
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    10-26-12 08:32 AM
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    Yes, thanks for putting this on the torch. I bought it as soon as I saw it because one, it looks great and two, I gotta support those that do great work and continue to support my device.
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    10-27-12 03:45 PM
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    First post

    I just bought this theme and I gotta say I love it. It looks so nice with the 9860s large screen. Its so clean, and the BB10 icons look amazing! I took some screenshots of the theme on my 9860 and though I'd post them here:

    Looks amazing! Keep up the good work Pootermobile!

    PS If anyone else buys this theme and thinks my wallpaper works perfectly with it heres the link: http://fsb.zedge.net/dl/wallpaper/36...mobile&type=db
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    10-29-12 12:39 AM

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