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    BlackBerry Jam Americas is upon us and The World Of Pootermobile has bakes quite a goodie for you! What better way to celebrate the first annual BlackBerry Jam American than with a slick theme? Show off the "Jam" purple on your BlackBerry at the conference, or if you're not attending show support to the awesome developers that make a big part of what BlackBerry is. And just in case you missed the conference this theme is a keeper for any occasion as well! Download today and get jammin'!

    Weather slot how-to: The icon that shows up in the top right of the banner is app number 19 in your app list. Move whatever icon you want up there to position number 19, then do a battery pull so the change can take effect. A battery pull is necessary there really isnt a way around that.

    • Default OS6/OS7 layout
    • Weather slot
    • Wallpaper friendly
    • Media player skinned

    Download Jammin from the link below

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    09-26-12 04:14 PM
  2. mrbails's Avatar
    Thanks Pooter! Appreciate the torch love!
    09-26-12 08:39 PM
  3. lovemyspanish's Avatar
    Great job and loving that color. I'm going to ride this baby for a long time. thanks sir pooter.
    09-26-12 10:00 PM
  4. mundo472's Avatar
    Pootermobile, the Blackberry in the music player progress marker is a brilliant touch! This is a really nice theme. Going to pick up kahel just on principle
    10-24-12 10:03 AM
  5. mrbails's Avatar
    I used this on my 9850 and it worked very well and looked great.
    10-24-12 08:55 PM
  6. olblueyez's Avatar
    Looks nice. Linky no Worky on Tapatalk.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    10-24-12 09:42 PM
  7. ArjunMC's Avatar
    Awesome theme. Love it
    12-04-12 09:38 AM
  8. smhotstuff's Avatar
    I miss my awesome BlackBerry Girl theme since I got my 9860...
    04-11-13 11:25 PM