1. wreckermark's Avatar
    I know this has been covered before on here with no useful answers at all...
    I replaced the touchscreen and the display screen on my 9850 after it got broken, everything on the phone seems to work perfectly as it should apart from the reversed upside down screen,
    This would suggest that the graphics processor is somehow corrupted.
    The OS has been cleared and reinstalled several times, but what i really want to know is this, Is there a way to take everything back further, uninstalling the OS and debranding the phone back to the point of the phone being a brick?
    The graphics clearly works, the screen works, the touchscreen works it rings and can be answered, This is a propper puzzler...

    08-25-12 12:43 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Did you consider the possibility you could have inverted the screen during installation or a ribbon cable is incorrectly connected?
    08-25-12 02:41 PM
  3. wreckermark's Avatar
    Did you consider the possibility you could have inverted the screen during installation or a ribbon cable is incorrectly connected?
    Not for one second, One there is no ribbon cable in this phone and Two the screen will only fit one way, so it's impossible, It's a good suggestion but not the correct one....

    This seems to be a very puzzling problem...
    08-25-12 04:11 PM
  4. airmo's Avatar
    just wondering if you found a solution to your problem, i also have the same issues and I am just downgrading my 9860 as we speak and its not looking promising.
    10-08-12 02:46 AM
  5. Anrchyst's Avatar
    gonna prob get tagged for spamming but has anyone else found a solution. has anyone tried replacing the digitizer or screen. my backup berry just died so i need to fix or replace asap
    11-26-12 11:55 AM
  6. abramadhi's Avatar
    Based on my experience with replacing my 9500 screen, there is a certain serial for each device where it has been produced. If the device was produced in canada, you have to find out which serial of the screen replacement for the device that produced in canada. If you put on the screen which is not the one match with the device, the result is like the one you've described above.
    11-27-12 06:45 AM
  7. Gene 1's Avatar
    My phone is also reversed as described. I reinstalled the old screen which I removed from the phone and it is also reversed. I had verified the new one as matching the 002 series indicated on the old one prior to installation of the new one. I have tried all of the above solutions, wiping the phone, reinstalling software etc and still the same issue. I am wondering if there is a security feature in the phone which causes this if it has been disassembled to void the warranty? Mine is a verizon phone which I purchased from verizon.
    11-27-12 06:16 PM
  8. Anrchyst's Avatar
    So I decided to take a look @ the connectors n cables on my phone n it seems the connector for the display on the board has some bad pins. They've gone from gold to black. Dunno how that happened but that seems to be the issue.changing a connector on the board itself seems too daunting a task so I've abandoned the torch for a curve 9360 until the release of bb10
    11-29-12 11:14 PM