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    My carrier (Claro Dominican Republic) has not released the update of the OS 7.1 for my Torch 9860. Can I download the update from another carrier / country and install it in my phone? If so how can I do this? And what are the potential risks of doing this?
    02-16-13 04:00 PM
  2. abramadhi's Avatar
    Yes you can use other carrier's OS. Just don't forget to delete the vendor.xml files. Bellow are the steps to safely install your OS (credits goes to Elite1):
    (updated 2012-09-01)

    (Optional) Uninstall any previous OS from PC.
    Download OS to PC. Use Internet Explorer, not Firefox or Chrome. (For leaked versions, browser is irrelevant.)
    *If 100% certain you previously used FF or Chrome on same PC to DL an OS successfully, feel free to use FF or Chrome again.
    Following successful DL, run OS file to install OS on PC.
    On BB, go to BBM Options, scroll down to Backup section. Ensure Remote Backup is enabled AND also conduct a Local Backup to media card.
    Go through any 3rd party apps with option to save settings to media card. Conduct Backup to media card within each of these apps. (Examples: Bellshare apps like BerryBuzz & BerryWeather; QuickLaunch; Shao's apps like Wallpaper Changer & SixTools; etc).
    Connect BB to PC. Open DM and backup device. Close DM.
    (Optional) Use desktop app like BBSAK or BBMCP to backup 3rd party apps.
    On PC, delete Vendor file located here:
    64-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader
    32-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader
    (Optional/Recommended) Run BBH Tool (formerly Shrink-A-OS) or BB Boss v2.2 (not as updated as BBHT).
    In same AppLoader file where you deleted Vendor, double-click Loader to load OS to BB. Follow onscreen instructions.
    After loading OS, perform several physical battery pulls over first 1-2 days for OS to "settle in." Perform first batt pull very soon after OS is loaded.

    How to Fix OS not Appearing as Available
    There are 2 common reasons:

    Consider trying this new desktop app to remove Vendor from several common locations:

    If manually deleting Vendor, always hold down SHIFT and press DELETE to permanently delete.
    Check here first:
    64-bit: Computer\C:\Users\{USER NAME}\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML
    32-bit: Computer\C:\Documents and Settings\{USER NAME}\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader XML
    If Loader still doesn't make new OS available, search PC for "Vendor".

    If Vendor is not found anywhere, see below to delete contents of AppLoader folder. (Folder where you found Loader & Vendor.)

    Uninstall the OS: Control Panel\Programs and Features, highlight this BlackBerry Device Software, click Uninstall at top.
    Delete AppLoader folder contents: Highlight any item, CTRL+A to select all, SHIFT+DELETE to permanently delete.
    64-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader
    32-bit: Computer/C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader
    Restart PC.
    Re-install OS on PC: Go to your browser's downloads section, double-click OS to start InstallShield Wizard.
    Delete Vendor: Return to AppLoader folder, highlight Vendor, SHIFT+DELETE.
    Load OS to BB: Attach BB to PC, double-click Loader (in AppLoader folder, where you deleted Vendor).

    Just do like the steps described above. I recommend the newest one from vodafone OS I've use it for a month and so far it's the best. The battery last around 18 hours of moderate to heavy use of bbm, sms, google maps, social media, browsing, games.

    Good luck..
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    02-16-13 10:34 PM
  3. craighew's Avatar
    No real risks if you take your time and follow steps methodically.
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    02-17-13 08:57 AM
  4. ErvinQ87's Avatar
    Thanks a lot both of you! Will try this today!
    02-17-13 10:06 AM
  5. deezy87's Avatar
    Ervin!!!! Search a program called vendelete+ it will delete ALL RIM vendor.xml files for you.

    You can also grab BBH Tool and shrink the OS as well....OR you can try to the BerryLicio.us Ultimate mix on it...decisions, decisions lol
    02-17-13 03:03 PM
  6. ErvinQ87's Avatar
    Thanks dude! I was able to install the OS 7.1! One additional question: Why should I perform several battery pulls over the next 1-2 days? How often should I do the battery pull?
    02-17-13 03:22 PM
  7. craighew's Avatar
    Battery pulls seem to "re-fresh" the operating system, by clearing out any stuff loaded into device memory that isn't needed. As you use the phone over the first few days, try and use all your main apps just to get them up and running. the battery pulls do help.
    There are a few battery pull apps (I use one called auto reboot) that perform a battery pull without you having to physically take your case off and pull the battery out.
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    02-17-13 04:59 PM
  8. Mirza Vazir's Avatar
    Hi I like to request you for my blackberry tourch 9860 I can't cennect to blackberry I'd and world apps please help me out and what's app also not working proper always hanging dilivery very late in going out going both thanks
    03-04-13 06:51 AM

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