1. gttorch's Avatar
    I just uninstalled an app (whats app), and in the normal course of rebooting it, when it came to password, when I click enter it just freezes. I have taken battery out about 10 times, and that doesnt do a thing. its a torch 9860
    When i purposefully put in an incorrect password it says its incorrect, and lets me try again. Its only when i put in the correct password that it freezes
    I did a complete backup.. and have just tried a restore, using this backup and it errored at the end of the back up.
    Any help would be appreciated immensely
    12-15-12 08:28 PM
  2. craighew's Avatar
    First off, make sure you're happy that you're backup worked OK.

    Can you access your 9860 when plugged into your PC using it as a USB device? If so you may be able to delete the Whatsapp files

    Failing that more radical surgery would be use wipe your device (using BBSAK or similar) and then restoring your OS and then your data from your backup, but that's quite extreme.

    This may sound odd, but are you sure about your password format, upper lower case, special characters etc? if something has been messed up, you're keyboard input may be affected (unlikely but I've seen it happen)...
    12-17-12 04:51 AM

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