1. darthvader811's Avatar
    ok guys i got this blackberry torch 9860 model rdp71uw this phone had a cracked digitizer the lcd also so i replaced everything on the phone except the motherboard and the battery so far everything works on the phone except for mobile connection this phone has telus software so it should work here in Montreal QC canada but it wont scan any 3G or 2g network im with koodo when i insert my koodo sim card it says searching for network and then nothing this phone wont pickup any network and we have rogers koodo bell telus virgin videotron fido and more
    ps when i do an antenna test it says failed so guys what could be the problem any info would be grateful tanks
    ps right now I'm using my torch 9800 with koodo
    12-28-12 10:54 PM
  2. masterscarhead1's Avatar
    I have the very same device, and I use it on Telus in Montreal. It should work. What I suspect is the issue is that the bands for 3G may be different. I have an old 9550 with 3G, but does not work on the Telus network. Telus currently uses HSDPA+, so that may also explain the band issue. Before you think the hardware is messed up, I would borrow a telus sim card and check whether it works. Also, are you sure it is unlocked so you can use other networks?
    12-28-12 11:14 PM
  3. darthvader811's Avatar
    well from what i see on you tube if insert a sim card from another cell network it will ask for the unlock code and mine does not and I've checked by going to the sim card settings and doing the MEPD call everything is disabled except for network that says inactive from what i read it means that it's unlocked my other torch 9800 is from telus also and it works fine with koodo is it possible to completely get rid of the telus software and install the Rogers software because i wiped the 9860 torch and loaded the one for videotron and i still get the telus welcome message when it finishes the booting process
    12-29-12 03:27 AM

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