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    I was wondering if anyone has an answer to this or has experienced the same issues I am having with this. In my pictures, I have Camera pics, Picture Library, Last Import and another folder that I have created for specific pics. Basically my problem is this. If I go to delete a pic from one of the folders, they are automatically deleted from the other folders as well. Also if I have a pic sent to the specific folder that I have created, it also duplicates it and places it in the Picture Library as well. I love most of these pics that I took, otherwise I would not have kept them on my phone, but to have a pic be duplicated in two and sometimes three folders is a bit much for me. I am sure this also utilizes more of my memory card in the long run. Is there a work around to this, or a way to prevent this from happening? Also on .374 I am unable to HIDE any pics, as the box you would select is still greyed out for me. It was also like this on the original O/S 254 that came installed on the phone. I understand a lot of people are able to put a check in the box under properties to hide them, yet I am still unable. The mysteries of owning a BB. I still cant understand why the same O/S on the same model phone can vary so much as of to what it can and can't do for the individual owners. I mean come on now, these things are not custom built. One would think everything would be consistent and have the same functions across the board

    Thanks in advance
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    Same here. When I first got the phone and started taking pics and adding folders I found they were duplicated so I deleted from one only to find they deleted from all folders. Needless to say I lost them. It doesn make sense why it would do that. Annoying really, I mean what's the point of it. I don't need or want the same pic in every folder.

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    Exactly. That is why we have the ability to create different folders. Too keep things organized. I mean, correct me if I am wrong here! I dont wanna see the same things in every folder as much as I cherish my pics, I dont need to see them in several folders
    10-27-11 08:11 PM
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    Just wondering what the answer was to organizing pics without having them in multible folders.
    01-20-13 10:01 PM
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    Picture library isn't an actual folder on your memory card, the pictures aren't duplicates, it groups all the pics on your memory card from folders and unfiled, displays them if you want to scroll through them all instead of finding the folder each picture is in! You can open picture library, press blackbery key and uncheck "hide headings" it will display them for scrolling in their folders, alphabetically, starting with unfiled pics....or if you hide headings it will display every pic on the memory card from newest to oldest or vice versa depending on the sort option you've selected! They most definitely aren't duplicates, put your card in a computer and you won't find a "picture library" folder on the memory card with duplicates taking up extra space! Its just one copy of each pic with different viewing and sorting options, so if you delete the only copy of the pic it naturally deletes it from the memory card

    The picture filing and viewer has worked like this since os6

    Hiding pics works on all of my os7 phones since purchase over a year ago (9850's currently on, through the files app, I'm not sure if that's how you are attempting to hide them, possibly you have messed up a setting, make sure the memory card write protection switch isn't set to locked, or try backing the card up on the computer then formatting it and transferring the pics back to the formatted card...or maybe you just need a new memory card
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    But I noticed that if you delete from one, they ALL get deleted (same pic gets deleted) in all of the different places
    01-23-13 10:29 PM
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    Yes, because they aren't duplicates, just different ways to view/sort the same picture! I'm not sure how to explain it to you, so you'll understand...let me try again

    Picture library = all the pictures on your media card, you can choose to sort them in the picture library view, by their folder heading names, or...from oldest to newest...or from newest to oldest! Its kind of the equivalent of "my pictures" on a windows computer, just displays the pics that are stored, they are not duplicates....if you delete them from the picture library you are deleting the picture, the only picture, from your media card.....it pulls pictures from all your user created folders, plus the pictures that aren't filed into your folders or subfolders, and displays them all together, again....not duplicates! This is why, if you notice, there is a running tally of pics in each folder, and picture library is the grand total of all those folders and the unfiled pics....not counting camera pictures

    Then, you have user created folders, that you've chosen to sort and file pictures in....by clicking on the folder, it displays ONLY the pictures and subfolders you've filed into that particular folder....not all of the pictures on your media card, like picture library does....

    they are just different options for viewing and sorting your pics....not duplicating them, just displaying the same pics in different views, and allowing you to access/search/view them in whichever way is most convienent for you....by viewing all of your pictures in the library, or going directly to the individual folder you have filed them in!

    I have about 30 folders of pictures on my media card, sometimes I forget where I've filed 6000+ pics, picture library allows me to scroll through every single picture, instead of selecting and searching one single folder at a time....again, they are not duplicates, they are the same picture, displayed in different views and sorting methods....if you delete a picture, it deletes it from the memory card and is no longer available to sort or view, since you have obviously deleted it from your library

    Library is the grand total of all the pics on your media card....and, once more, definitely not a duplicate

    Edit - actually, I just thought...open picture library, select a picture, blackberry key, and select properties then look at the location. It will tell you where the picture is saved and showing you they aren't duplicates, just the exact same pics that are in your folders
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